Dame Of Thrones

Star Wars Vs Star Trek

May 20th at 6.30pm Behind Barracks Building 1217

Mermaids vs Unicorns

 April 23rd 2017 at 11am Risner Gym - Basketball Courts

Love is a Battlefield

February 25th at 3pm Torii Station Gym

Tree Huggers Victory

January 21st at 3pm Torii Station Gym

Post Apocalyptic Nightmare

October 29th at 3pm Torii Station Gym

Back to School Bash

September 24th 3pm At Torrii Gym

The Dark Knight vs The Woman of Steel

Kubasaki High School May 21 2016 5pm

Training Camp

Are you a derby girl looking for some top training. If so you are invited to attend a small training camp taught by Japan’s Men’s team Ninjapan. This will be a 2-day training, with lunch provided. A few things you can look forward to are: Basics, Blocking, Jamming, Strategy and Scrimmage. This training is open [...]

April 23 Result

Barbies-95 JI Janes- 200 MVB's: Rosie the Ripper and Starry Nightmare. MVJ's Gnarly Quinn and Grimm the Reaper!