Okinawa Japan’s fastest growing, WFTDA Roller Derby league

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About Devil Dog Derby Dames!

We, the Devil Dog Derby Dames, are an athletic roller derby league that consists of mothers, active duty service members, contractors with the military, stay at home mothers and wives! During the day, we work. But the moment we put our skates on, we are the alter-egos with clever and often times fear-inducing names! We are athletes who strive to bring athletic entertainment, while also contributing to the community through various service projects. We are a fully insured, non-profit organization and sanctioned to operate on Marine Corps Bases Japan. Through roller derby, we specialize in improving each member's athletic ability, self-discipline, and character as well as increase the sense of camaraderie within the military community. We adhere to all laws of game play according to the Woman's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and encourage the involvement of any individuals (ages 18+) with base access. Women have the opportunity to participate in the league as players. Anyone, male or female, may participate as a skating official, non-skating official or even coach! We provide any training necessary!